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I really can't do a witch impression.

Oct. 29th, 2007 | 12:04 am

Hello everyone, lovely October, isn't?

This weekend I found that my witch impression is to die far. But no, it's not a brutal death. I don't cast some kind of spell on you, and turn you into a Politoed, nope, instead, people laugh, they laugh really, really, really hard. So hard, that one just might pass out from their laugh-attack, and thus, look to be "dead." Oh yes, when Erika does a witch impression, people die from their laughter. That wasn't my goal! I swear! I was going to scare the pants off my beauties today! I guess the pink witch's cap and cloak with daisies, and Bellossoms didn't help much. I worked on my "evil" laugh for hours last night. T-T Only to get laughed at. Poor, poor Erika, you just can't pass as an evil person with a spell book.

Anyways, that's besides the point, this coming Halloween I shall try again! Oh yes, just you watch! Erika is going to scare EVERYONE with my top-secret costume! Believe it. ;D

We've been working on the gym all weekend, decorating with spider's webs, and scary black birds, and skeletons, oh yes. =3 It's looking great thus far, tomorrow I add the final touch, and my costumes for my Pokemon should be coming in by Tuesday. It's going to be great. It's been a while since I've gone all out on Halloween decorations, but I feel I need to get within this year's spirit. Halloween 2007: Erika's Nightmare. *nods* And this time, the nightmare doesn't scare me, as I'm going to be that nightmare! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough* HA! >D;;;

I should tell you the costumes I got for my Pokemon, yes?

Bellossom is going to be Frankenstien's Bride. You should see the cute wig the costume comes with!
Vileplume is going to be Frakenstein himself, with the bolts, and everything. >D
Gloom is going to be a huge jack-o-lantern.  I mean, HUGE.
Victreebel is the headless horse(wo)man. *nods* I even made a little stuffed horsey last weekend, just for her costume.
Roselia is the classic skeleton. You can't have a party of Pokemon without a skeleton costumed one.
Tangela is the wolfman. He requested it himself. I was showing him pictures on the internet, and he quickly showed a fang, and went, "Rawr!"  It was really cute. =3
Jumpluff is a ghost. (Mainly because she is the only one who can kinda float in the air. Don't tell her that though.)

Then there's Turtwig. Hopefully he's still around by Halloween, no one has claimed him yet, but he seems to be happy. =D I got him a costume as Dracula! The little cape the costume comes with is so adorable! I'll be sure to take pictures, for all of you to see.

November is going to a great month for Erika, because this coming month, I get my cast taken off (Yay!) and during that same week I get to visit Domino in Viridian! How I'm going to get there hasn't been decided yet, but I'm leaning towards driving, even though I have yet to learn such a skill, so I'll most likely have to ask one of my lovely beauties. This will probably be the first time I meet Vincent in person. It's going to be such a trip, I can't wait for it. <3

(Domino beware! The moment we a get a chance too, we're all going to do the Hare Hare Yukai Dance!)

Love you all,

Rawr! I'm Torterra!

Sep. 8th, 2007 | 11:16 pm
location: My comfy, comfy, bed...

Have you ever seen such a monster-looking Grass Pokemon? I have yet to see one in person, but that might change soon, yes indeed. ^_^ Because you see, just this last month, when I was out, in my wheel-chair, enjoying what I can of the Celadon breeze outside, a little Turtwig was floating in the wind, using its little leaf on his forehead like a helicopter propeller,  gliding for just a few seconds before landing on his face, with a slight cry. I practically squealed at the cuteness of the little turtle, as he looked up, and gave me a nervous look. He was a few yards away, so I had to squint a bit to get a good look at his face. So, as any person would do, I decided to literally roll up to him, and invite him for a cup of tea (as it is only the polite way to greet such a guest into your home, even if your home is still getting repairs done from a recent Rayquaza attack.) It took a few long minutes, but he eventually jumped on my lap, and decided to rest on my legs. For being such a small turtle, he sure weighed a lot. @___@; You wouldn't believe it.  Sister, you have to come to see the cute little thing, he absolutely adores tea too. When I gave him a little bowl, since he lacks the disposable thumbs to use a cup, he was really delighted! I'm thinking of keeping him, he's so cute....I just wonder how he got here, Turtwig are usually just found in Sinnoh, right? o.O;

Anyways, being rather confined to a few select places, I haven't really found much to do. Television gets dreadfully boring after a while, especially during the summer, when the sun is out, and you're just aching to go outside, and bask in the sunlight....I haven't really been able to water the flowers as well, and that just worries me. I sure hope they aren't hating me right now, it's bad karma. @__@;

But, I have found a new hobby in doing nothing, believe it or not, and it's what I call, "people observing." Have any of you ever just sat down, and watched people interact with each other, and different objects? If you haven't, then do so! It's really quite interesting. You'll find that some people walk differently than others. For instance, just the other day, I was sitting on a park bench, my wheel chair enjoying himself on the side, (it felt good to not have arms rests for a while, and I'm sure he felt good for not having so much excess weight on him, not that I weigh a ton or anything,) there was this muscular man playing frisbee with his Poochyena. It was really quite interesting, because the man walked like he had weight on his shoulders, and grunted as he bent down to pet his feisty puppy. I merely imagined him with American Football gear on, because when he picked up his Poochyena, he kind of cuffed in his arms, as a football player might do if he had the ball. Then, these highly-fashioned girls more-or-less, graced their way across the park, seemingly dancing as they made their way to the local restrooms. Marvelous site indeed, and for such a everyday thing as letting go of your waste.

Then people and their lovers, they just seem to match each other! It's so interesting. It makes me wonder if they just subconsciously decided to be color coordinated with each other, and look so fitting. Simply fantastic, I wonder if I'll be able to experience that one day...and they look so happy, constantly hugging each other, and kissing each other...maybe I'm just a lonely Erika. ;-;

Well, I must have babbled on for hours it seems, I best let you all go now. ^___^; I'm sorry.


So, a few mornings ago...

Jul. 27th, 2007 | 02:50 am
music: Kashmir - Led Zeppelin (Yes, I listen to them! *Rock Hand Sign, Erika Style*)

So, a few mornings ago I had my usual routine. I woke up, brushed my hair away from my face, and starred at the ceiling for a full moment, wondering how a lovely day it might be. After that little pick-me-upper, I usually just sit up, rotate myself so I can put my feet on the ground, and have a little starring contest with my rug before I get my clothes ready to take a shower. (Saturday mornings are different however, I put my starring contest with the rug on hold for a few more hours, and yes, I have lost the starring contest before, many times.) Once I have my clothes all ready, THEN I head to the bathroom to have my morning pee, and shower. I talk to Phil before I turn the water on though, Phil is what I call the shower-head. If I speak to Phil nicely, and greet him to a nice day, he gives me hot water which doesn't turn cold, thereby, giving me the perfect shower! What more could a girl ask for?

Anyways, on that fateful day, it turned out I was out of shampoo, and thus, as a previous journal entry which I'm sure you've all read, bad things happen when I don't shampoo my hair in the mornings; so what was once a perfect shower, turned into a day full of paranoia, and I ended up getting injured. ;-; And it wasn't just me, my lovely gym got injured as well! It's such a mess right now, and it's going to take a while to get everything all cleaned up, especially in the current state that I'm in.

For those of you who don't know, which I suspect is all of you except for Domino, my right arm is broken, as well as my left leg, so I'm forced to type all of this lefty-style, and my left hand absolutely loathes me. ;-;

Speaking of Domino, she came to visit me the other day with Rory, and who would have thought that would be my last time seeing Rory...but enough of that, I'd rather not concentrate on such sad news. ;-; It just makes me want to cry, and I don't feel like crying right now...

Domino and I had a great time, she even read  me the first chapter of A Never Ending Story. ^_____^ I felt like I was three again, and my mother was reading me a fairy tale. I even grabbed my favorite blanket, and had it cover me up from my feet to the lower-half of my face, ninja style! Of course, it's hard to be a ninja when your left leg, and right arm are in casts. Yes, my fingers on my right hand are sticking out, but I can't type with that arm without being somewhat uncomfortable.

Domino and I had our girly chitchat, and we even tricked Rory to thinking I was sleeping. Because, -- yes, Erika is starting a sentence with 'because,' she's rebellious like that -- I had Rory put to sleep so I could force him into a dress if he decided to be uncomfortable with his sexuality. He was put to sleep, but the dress never got on him (lucky him.) So, instead of getting into an argument with him, I merely just plopped down my pillow, and gave little polite snores. We butted heads just the night before, and I didn't want to start another argument with him...

*Wipes eyes* It's going to be so different now, it was hard enough going through it the first time...

In happier news...Lucian called me this morning, yes, THAT Lucian. Sexy hair Lucian with the sexy glasses. *nods* And he wants to come see me! ERIKA OF ALL PEOPLE. I'm excited.

Also, I actually walked without any help today! I got outside my door, then looked at the stairs, and they gave me an evil laugh, so I walked back to my bed. I'm not ready for stairs yet.

Well, it's getting rather late, and I best be off to bed.

Love you all,

And Domino, I can't wait to see you again. We had so much fun that day, it's a memory we'll both cherish for eternity, once I get better, perhaps I can go to Viridian?

Lovely weather, isn't?

Jul. 3rd, 2007 | 01:50 am
music: You're The Best Around - Joe Esposito

It's days like these, where you can do nothing but stare at the sky, even in the dead of night, when the stars are out, and the moon is shinning at her brightest. It's just so pleasant, there isn't any chaos (at least, from our points of view,) and well...there isn't anything in the sky that could utterly disappoint you. Unless of course, you're looking to the sky, and you see an airplane flying a message for some special someone, and you're just there, watching that person get really happy, as you ate strawberry flavored vanilla white cake, wonder what's going to happen next in your life.

I haven't really done much at all lately, and it wasn't until recently that I finally found my way back on my computer again. The internet is full of news, and I didn't want to tangle myself into those "bad" headlines, because it's just all depressing, but luckily, the day I decided to make my little comeback in all your wonderful lives, there was an article about shoes. Yes. Shoes. It just lifted my spirits up. It was just so different to see something other than death as a headline, that I decided to click the little blue line, and read my heart away. Now, I wish I had a link to provide with what they were exactly talking about, but this was a few days ago, and I cleaned my internet history last night because I was bored, and had nothing better to do but watch all my internet cookies crumble away into serene nothingness.

The article was about toe cleavage, and whether or not it was considered appropriate for the casual business woman. They were claiming how such an opening between two toes in a heel was "whorish," and "hooker-like." It went into so much detail on how just that tinnie-winnie opening told everything about your character. From your work ethic --determining whether or not you worked hard for your spot in the company, or whether or not you worked hard for your spot in the company, if you get my drift -- to how other people probably thought of you --basically unlocking the secrets of why your co-workers give you those evil stares every once in a while --to how having such a small aspect in your attire could scream to the entire world about your current love life, for instance, if you had vibrant toe cleavage, it told others you were in that mood, while having just a touch of toe cleavage said you were a sophisticated woman, comfortable with acknowledging people about your current relationship situation. I found it rather hilarious. To have people worry about such a ridiculous thing is just...I can't even think of the word at the moment. ;P

Do I have heels with toe cleavage? Yes. I think it's cute. Does that make a whore? No. It just means I think having toe cleavage is cute. *shrugs* Not very poetic there, but I'm tired. Besides, it's your own opinion that matters, not some person who wrote an internet article. ;D

WELL, I best be off. *Puts on my super awesome toe cleavage shoes just to smite that article*

Love you all,

Well, I think I forgot to shampoo my hair this morning...

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 02:39 am
mood: Scared Scared

Well, I think I forgot to shampoo my hair this morning, because, well, when I was finished with my daily morning shower, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I couldn't remember rather or not I shampoo'd my hair. The sequence of how things are done in the morning never changes. I get up, get my clothes ready, then head to the bath. Once in the beautifully contructed "shower" part of the bathroom,I stand under the warm water for a few minutes, soap myself, then add the shampoo. After the shampoo is added, I stay under the water for a few more minutes so it can all rinse out, and smell really, really good. It's so routine, so un-thought-provoking, that I think I forgot to shampoo my hair this morning, and that's all that's been on my mind for this past day.

Why you ask?

Because everything bad happens when my hair gets neglected in the morning, and these "bad" incidences can happen at any time. Proof?

July 5, 1996: It was a fine morning in the life of little Erika, with one dilemma, she  was out of shampoo, and soap doesn't clean hair as well as it could have, but alas, it was the only body-cleaning substance she  had that morning, so she used it. As she stepped out of the shower, she slipped, and feel square on her head, leaving the Queen of Bumps on her noggin, and a mighty delightful headache.

Yes, a slip. Not a big deal? Here's this:

April 16, 1998: It seemed like a lovely afternoon for Erika, the butterflies a-flyin', the flowers a-flowerin', and it was her birthday. Her 14th to be exact. She was feeling rather woozy, and decided to take a nap. Where did her head land? A very started Tangela, that's what. And what do Tangela's do when they're started? Strangle.

My neck hurt for weeks after that! But that's not all!

August 21, 2000: Erika was just about to head to bed, un-shampoo'd hair and all, when suddenly, she couldn't find her pillow! She immediately thought that perhaps a very mischeavous Pokemon took it, and she knew exactly who it was. Her Vileplume, who's grown lazy since then, but that doesn't matter. So, being the Erika that she is, decided to hunt him down. However, she forgot to turn on the lights to the hallway, and as she creeped closer and closer to the stairs, she failed to see where the first step was, and within seconds, found herself dazed and confused on the first floor!

I ended up broking my arm.

July 20, 2003:
As Erika sat on the most amazingly comfortable chair in the world, listening to her favorite CD, she failed to notice that the chair seemed to be moving! Her eyes were closed, legs out-stretched, as it the chair was a recliner, and was just in that mood to move her arms, and hum to the music. She was in the zone. What was moving her chair you ask? An army of Oddish. They were feeling rather devilsh, and decided to play a prank. They carried Erika down the common room, out the door, and left her on the street, with demonic smirks on their faces. What came? A double-decker bus with the worse brakes in the world.

I broke both my legs, and my CD player was ruined. ;___;

So, as you can see, things progressively get worse the days I don't shampoo my hair, and I'm afraid to go to bed. WHO KNOWS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! @_____@:

Anyways, Merry Christmas! <3

Love you all,

*Hides in a corner*

I'll tell you more about my rather lovely Christmas next entry...if I live. ;_____;