Erika's Online Diary

The Nature-Loving Princess

16 April 1985
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I’m Erika, leader of the Pokémon gym in Celadon City. What type of Pokémon do we specialize in you ask? Well, it isn’t much of a secret that all our ladies here at the Celadon City Pokémon Gym specialize in Grass-type Pokémon. From calm Bulbasaurs to Lombres and Ludicolos dancing to the la cucaracha, you’re bound to see quite the display when you come to visit our gym.

Every Sunday we hold our weekly perfume sales, where loving couples and Pokémon trainers alike come to sample and purchase our most prized perfume to obtain fabulous scents only known to exist in our very bottles.


And that spells perfume.

Of course we also hold battles at our Gym, though we recommend that you don’t bring a Fire-type into the Gym, in fear that it might burn down…again, so please, if you wish to challenge the girls and I, don’t rely on your Fire-typed Pokémon, instead choose an alternative, maybe a Flying-type, or perhaps or an Ice-type. They both tend to give our Pokémon quite the challenge in battle. Though, it’s nothing we can’t handle. We have a few tricks up our sleeves if the occasion should arise.

To conclude, we hope you come visit our gym, especially on Sundays, as then you can sample some of our latest perfumes. If you wish to battle the girls and I, then we wish you luck, because we aren’t just any pushover gym as some trainers may describe us. Please do enjoy your visit if you decide to come.